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45 min. ARTE/ZDF 2007

The great theatre director in bed in Hamburg. His home is Elisabeth, his wife. He has driven the car into the ground and is now looking for a new one - a Jaguar. The scandals are over. Peter Zadek recalls the stages of his life.

„This beautiful small film does not attempt to analyse, it is simply a miraculously light, touching affection for a tremendously composed, ascendantly congenial-arrogant person by the name of Zadek. The filmmaker remains silent... The filmmaker sits, so to speak, with the director in his life-theatre-car and chauffeurs him through a superb landscape of personality, brimming with experience-saturated exhilaration, which is paramount to everything else. To life, to theatre. That is, everything except the 12-cylinder...“       FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG

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