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88 min. Cinema / MDR / RBB / Hanfgarn&Ufer 2009
Founded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Helmut Kohl is widely regarded as the father of the German reunification. How did this reunification work out for Helmut Kohl? Five men of the same name reflect the state of the union in their homeland. An innkeeper, a Lower Silesian, a pensioner, an architect and a Christmas tree grower. Helmut Kohl, Germany.

„Boué suprises with his near-sociological insights into the lives of these extremely different men, who provide a good cross-section of German-German sensitivites.“ KINO-ZEIT

„Worth seeing, amusing to pensive... In Being Kohl, the personal becomes political and politics become perceptible in its effects on private life.“ DIE RHEINPFALZ

„Innocent crop. Zuschnitt. Illuminating documentary cinema.“ DIE WELT

„Boué's affectionate yet mercilessly honest gaze lingers so long on the protagonists that stories are created from clichés. We are all a little bit Kohl...“ DER FREITAG

„A portrait of a generation which grew up in post-war Germany and experienced division, economic miracles and reunification.“ WDR 2

„A film on what constitutes a life whose principles are strictness, order and frugality.“ STILBRUCH

Competition DOK Leipzig and other Festivals

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